Mother and child, Moradabad - story on the India wide polio eradication programme, India
 Parents wait with their children at a polio vaccination clinic, Moradabad, India      
 Mukesh Ambani´s billion dollar home - Antilia.  Story for Morgenbladet on extreme inequality
 Cover page from the same story - a father and son in their home in Dharavi, the biggest slum in Asia
 Story on reuse and recycling in India, with a focus on the Durga puja festival in Calcutta which promotes sustainability.
 Article on India´s booming surrogacy industry for Vårt Land  
 A man fishes at dusk in east Sri Lanka. The area is recovering from civil war and the devastation of the tsunami. Feature for Morgenbladet
 Fishermen bring their catch ashore. East Sri Lanka
 Women collect grapes in a vinegard in Nashik. Feature on the wine industry in India   
 Morning newspapers stacked on a bicycle Connaught Place New Delhi for a story on the rapidly expanding print media industry in India   
 Cover shot for a publication on post war urban development in the UK. 2008   
 Feature for Vårt Land on the writer, philosopher Alain de Botton. London 2013
 Feature for Vårt Land on the communities in east London prior to the summer Olympics in 2012.
 The summer Olympics led to massive investments in poor neighbourhoods, some of which are welcome. However Stratford´s giant new shopping mall has caused controversy. 
 Initiatives to enable young people in east London to play sport.  
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