Astrup and Fearnley
 Athens of the North, Edinburgh
 Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Hyde Park
 The Hive, Kew Gardens
 The Hive, Kew Gardens
 Oslo summer
 Hemsedal figures
 Bangkok skyline, 2012   
 Piazza del Popolo, Rome, 2015
 Pushkar scene, Rajasthan
 Tombs in Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi
 Jodhpur rooftops, Rajasthan
 Prayers at Jama Masjid, Old Dehil, Eid
 Prayers in the streets of Old Delhi
 Herders guide camels to the Pushkar camel fair, Rajasthan
 Camels in the dawn sunshine, Pushkar
 Camel herders, Pushkar
 Qutb complex, New Delhi
 Rickshaw and flyover, New Delhi
 Juhu Beach Sunday stroll, Bombay
 The Victoria Memorial at dusk, Calcutta   
 Howrah Bridge, Calcutta   
 Calcutta taxi  
 Paris, 2014
 Oslo, Barcode, 2016
 London, 2008
 Brutalism - London Barbican centre, 2015
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